Nice to meet you.


I’m Laura 👋🏼 I’m a NYC based photographer and software nerd.

The short(ish) story: I’ve had a camera either in my hand or pointed at my face for as long as I can remember. My mom took photos and videos of absolutely everything in my childhood (her sports photos of my brothers and me are still some of the best I’ve ever seen) and I quickly realized that I have the same need to document as much as I can.

I came to New York for the first time on a field trip in high school, took a ridiculous amount of pictures in four days, and decided this city is where I belonged. I moved to the city shortly after college (on a bit of a whim, but it worked) and found my way into the operations world where I realized my passion for helping to scale fast growing, mission driven start ups.

My love for photography has never changed, and I have started to focus more heavily on it in the last few years. My passion for small business bleeds over into the type of photo work that I love the most -- 2 of the local brands I love to work with the most are New York or Nowhere and Whalebone.

Currently, I'm the COO of The School of Self-Image, a community where women go to master the art of reinvention. I get to build systems and processes, nurture and help to shape a thriving company culture, and support thousands of women as they develop the tools to become their best selves. 

I'll [intermittently] post my work and experimentation here as I continue to relentlessly wander around the city that I’ve called home for over 12 years and yet somehow still always feels new.